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Christmas is in the Air with Simmering Potpourri

Christmas Greetings Simmering Potpourri

Create the perfect environment by simmering contents on the stovetop or a potpourri warming pot. Victorian theme carton contains one packet of simmering potpourri.   Our delicately balanced fragrance blend that will fill your home with enticing aromas of holiday goodies and the spirit of the season.

Simmering scents originally created for wood burning stove enthusiasts to restore moisture to the air and release a pleasant fragrance into the room are now formulated for kitchen stove top simmering, woodstove steamers and electric potpourri pots. Delightful aromatic scents will waft throughout your home. Discover  Christmas Greetings® simmering potpourri and perhaps add something new for holiday celebrations. Order by fragrance: Bayberry, Gingerbread, Orange & Spice, Spice Cake



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