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Havdalah Spices by Countryside Herb Farms

Havdalah Spices for Spice Box & Towers

HAVDALAH Fragrant Spices for the Havdalah ceremony. These are spices for Besamim, the Havdalah service that marks the end of Shabbat.   Ready-to-use fragrant mixture for the b'samim spice box.

"Blessed are you, Lord, our God, sovereign of the universe, who creates varieties of spices. (Amen)".  The Kabbalah of Smell.  During the Havdalah parting services, smelling a pleasant fragrance comforts the soul, bringing it a sense of tranquility and relief.

Ingredients:  Blend of whole cloves, cinnamon pieces, allspice, orange zest and crushed bay leaf. 

Net Weight 4 Lbs.  


Our Price:  $56.00  

Units:       Lb.

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