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Unscented Bulk Potpourri Base Mix

Unscented Potpourri Base Mix

Bulk Unscented Potpourri Base Mix for Making Potpourri

Create your own potpourri blend with this high-quality unscented potpourri base mix. Our economical blend is made with lodgepole pincones, sitka spruce pinecones, douglas fir pinecones, true fir pinebracs, bakuli pods, one-inch cinnamon sticks, pink hibiscus pods, dried rosehips, purple German statice flowers and green leaves. The color palette is clearly pink, brown and green.

Countryside Herb Farms also sells a variety of potpourri fragrance oils.

please note: unscented potpourri means a botanical blend which has not had any essential oil, potpourri fragrance oil or perfumes added. Raw botanicals will have their natural until you add your favorite potpourri fragrance oil.}



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Units:       Lb.

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